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Multi-Disciplinary Screenings

On Friday, 26 January 2018, Laughlin will begin offering multi-disciplinary screenings for children ages three through seven. Call 412.741.4087 to sign up for these free screenings.

Laughlin Children’s Center (LCC) is launching a new initiative in January.  The Multidisciplinary Screening Program for children aged 3 - 7 years will be conducted by experienced clinicians from Laughlin’s Speech-Language, Occupational Therapy, Psychology and Academic departments.  

Because of the Center’s wide scope of service offerings and tradition of focusing on the whole child, LCC is uniquely qualified to conduct assessments in multiple disciplines.  The concept of comprehensive screenings was developed based on the fact that 30-40% of clients at Laughlin need more than one service.  Parallel and related delays or issues often exist between speech and OT, visual motor skills and reading, a speech delay and low self-esteem, etc.

 The launch of LCC’s new screening program will take place at the Center on Friday, January 26th from 9:00am until 4:00pm.  Participating children will be screened for potential delays or difficulties by four experts: an occupational therapist, speech therapist, licensed mental health counselor, and early childhood academic specialist, all in the span of just one hour. The occupational therapist, speech therapist, and early childhood teacher will each have 20 minutes to spend one-on-one with participating children, engaging in conversation and conducting their screening while the licensed counselor holds short parent/guardian interviews and observations of the child, if necessary, to identify potential challenges such as the presence of anxiety or stress-related issues. Specific procedures and assessment tools will be used in the various components of the program. 

There is no fee for this service. Families interested in having their child participate are asked to call 412-741-4087 to reserve their preferred time slot by Monday 22 January 2018.

A screening is a pass/fail procedure to identify children who require further assessment or referral to other professional and/or medical services.   Here is a brief explanation of what each discipline will be screening for:

 The OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY SCREENING will determine whether your child has reached expected developmental milestones in fine, visual, and gross motor skills including grasp, handwriting, buttoning, zipping, cutting, balance, and strength


·        The SPEECH SCREENING will determine whether your child has reached expected developmental levels in speech and language and if there are any hearing and/ or vocal quality issues.  In addition, a pure-tone hearing screening will be completed to identify hearing loss


·        The PSYCHOLOGY SCREENING will consist of a brief discussion with the clinical staff of the psychology department regarding any concerns you might have about your child. You may be offered a questionnaire to help identify if the symptoms or behavior indicate follow up. Information will be available on a variety of topics


·        For the ACADEMIC SCREENING, the early childhood teacher will administer the standardized Brigance Screens III to evaluate academic skills and cognitive development, including literacy and mathematics skills


Parents/guardians will receive a copy of the Screening Results at the completion of the appointment. The  report will include recommendations for children who present with challenges and may benefit from further evaluation.  All parents are encouraged to call with questions.

 This comprehensive assessment will serve to reassure parents that their children are developing according to standard norms, or confirm the need to take further steps.  Early detection of delays or difficulties which fall outside of typical norms for children in the 3 - 7 age bracket, whether in speech, hearing, motor coordination, behavior, and/or early academics, is a crucial first step towards remediation.  Research shows that unaddressed speech and language delays can lead to learning disabilities.  Early intervention has a significant impact on a child’s learning and development at school and in play and social skills.  In order to succeed in this increasingly competitive world, children must be in possession of certain tools.  Helping children obtain and understand these tools is the basis of Laughlin’s mission.  LCC’s Multidisciplinary Screening Program will ensure a brighter future for a greater number of children from our region.

 For more information on Laughlin Children’s Center, please visit or call 412.741.4087.