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Early Childhood (Preschool through Kindergarten)

Helping Young Children Grow and Learn Through Hands-on Discovery

From preschool through first grade, the early childhood years represent an important period in a child’s life when many social, emotional, and learning skills develop. The Early Childhood services at Laughlin Children’s Center address the needs of young learners with programs that include academic evaluations, K-1 Skill Builders, and preschool support services, offered in conjunction with the Psychology Department.

Collaboration with other departments and open communication with parents are important aspects of the Early Childhood services at Laughlin. The department’s array of services target the development of the whole child by stimulating physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth in ways that are developmentally-appropriate and honor the age and background of each child.

Our Early Childhood staff has professional training and credentials in child development, early childhood education, special education, and elementary education, and our programs are licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as well as accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).