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Early Childhood Evaluations (Preschool through 1st Grade)

Helping Young Children Grow and Learn Through Hands-on Discovery

Parents gain information about a child's developmental and early academic achievement through evaluations.  Test results and recommendations from evaluations are shared with parents in a conference as well as in a written report.  Additionally, early childhood evaluations:

  • provide information about children’s developmental and early academic achievement
  • can offer insight regarding readiness for kindergarten or first grade
  • are composed of a psycho-educational assessment and an early childhood academic assessment, which are administered by an experienced school psychologist and an academic diagnostician in separate visits
  • provide a complete picture of the child as a learner, identifying emotional and behavioral characteristics, as well as intellect and academic achievement
  • include a written report and parent conference to review tests administered, student performance, specific strengths and weaknesses, and recommendations

To learn more, or to schedule an evaluation for your child, contact us.