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Laughlin Children’s Center's mission is to act as a bridge to successful learning. We are a community non-profit resource providing academic support, speech and language therapy, psychological services, and preschool education. Our underlying philosophy is to provide early intervention for children who are struggling to learn the core skills needed for academic success, such as communication, reading, math, and written language. We value the whole child, a personal approach with our families, parental involvement, professionalism, diversity, and accessibility to all.

Our clinicians are certified in their areas of expertise: education, psychology, counseling, speech pathology, reading, and early childhood development, to name a few. They thoroughly assess each child and create an individualized plan based on that child's unique needs and strengths. Everyone at Laughlin Children’s Center is dedicated to creating confident learners who will be productive and happy students.

You can read more about our ACADEMIC SERVICES, PSYCHOLOGY SERVICES, SPEECH SERVICES, and THE VILLAGE PRESCHOOL by following the hyperlinks or clicking on SERVICES above.



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