Child Development Evaluations

Parents gain information about a child’s developmental and early academic achievement through evaluations. Test results and recommendations from evaluations are shared with parents in a conference as well as in a written report. Additionally, early childhood evaluations:

  • provide information about children’s developmental and early academic achievement
  • can offer insight regarding readiness for kindergarten or first grade
  • are composed of a psycho-educational assessment and an early childhood academic assessment, which are administered by an experienced school psychologist and an academic diagnostician in separate visits
  • provide a complete picture of the child as a learner, identifying emotional and behavioral characteristics, as well as intellect and academic achievement
  • include a written report and parent conference to review tests administered, student performance, specific strengths and weaknesses, and recommendations

The Skill Builders Program

This program is for kindergarten children who may be at risk due to delays in one or more areas of normal development that affect readiness to learn. It is designed to nurture the growth of age-appropriate skills necessary for success in school.

Each child participates in activities clustered around six developmental areas including visual, auditory, language, gross and fine motor, social/emotional, and academic skills. Individual goals are developed for each child, and children participate in enjoyable activities that build skills in all areas while addressing their personalized goals. Each child receives individualized attention and is helped to build a positive self-concept as a successful learner. The children’s progress is tracked, and regular conferences are held with each child’s parents.

The Skill Builders Program:

  • is for children in kindergarten
  • uses comprehensive evaluations before instruction begins, to identify where help is needed
  • addresses language, visual, auditory, motor, social/emotional, and academic skills
  • nurtures the growth of age-appropriate skills necessary for success in school and helps child build self-esteem and a love of learning
  • includes post-testing and progress reports, which assess improvement, outline what has been taught, and specify areas of continued need

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