Delayed Receptive and Expressive Language

Receptive language is understanding communication that we hear; expressive language is those thoughts and ideas that we speak. Delayed language is a noticeable slowness in the development of vocabulary and grammar necessary for both speaking and understanding others;

Language-Based Learning Disabilities

Identified when problems with age appropriate reading, spelling, and written language exist with average to above average intelligence. Treatment targets the specific aspects of reading and writing that the child is missing such as vocabulary, following directions, phonological awareness and expressing ideas clearly. Difficulty with cognitive communication (thinking skills) would include working memory, problem solving, reasoning and judgment;

Social Communication Issues

Also referred to as a pragmatic language disorder, social communication pertains to the functional use of language. This includes the understanding and application of conversational rules such as maintenance of topic, turn-taking, requesting, and commenting;


Also known as ASD, autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disability that causes children problems with communication, social skills, and reacting to the world around them.