A bridge to successful learning.

Laughlin Children’s Center is a community nonprofit resource providing academic support, speech and language therapy, psychological services, and preschool education. We value the whole child, a personal approach with our families, parental involvement, professionalism, diversity, and accessibility to all.

Our range of services is unique, and offers families the opportunity to see multiple clinicians all under one roof, from certified teachers to licensed professional counselors, as well as occupational and speech therapists, reading specialists, and more. Because we are a nonprofit, we are able to keep our fees affordable; we accept most major insurances, and we offer a generous financial aid program for those families who qualify.

Our clinicians are certified in their areas of expertise: education, psychology, counseling, speech pathology, reading, occupational therapy, and early childhood development, to name a few. They thoroughly assess each child and create an individualized plan based on that child’s unique needs and strengths. Laughlin Children’s Center differs from other centers in our multidisciplinary approach. Clinicians from one department, or several, may see your child in the course of providing services.

Everyone at Laughlin Children’s Center is dedicated to creating confident learners who will be productive and happy children.