Speech-Language Evaluations & Screenings

Comprehensive evaluations assess phonology/articulation (sound skills) receptive-expressive language, voice, fluency, and oral-motor skills. Pure-tone hearing screenings are also offered. A parent consultation follows the completed evaluation. Families can also opt for a quick, free speech screening, to determine if a more in-depth evaluation would be beneficial.

Early Language and Literacy Evaluation (ELLE)

An Early Language and Literacy Evaluation (ELLE) is designed to identify children 5-7 years of age who are at risk for dyslexia and would benefit from early identification and treatment. The testing includes measures of speech sound skills, receptive and expressive language skills, and pre-reading skills. Particular attention is given to examining phonological processing skills such as phonological awareness, phonological memory and rapid naming, which are the primary underlying skills necessary for reading success. By providing early, evidence-based intervention at the pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st grade level, we can prevent or reduce reading struggles in later grades.

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Personalized Speech Therapy

For children in need of intervention, The Speech-Language Department offers personalized therapy sessions based on the latest research findings. By encouraging parent participation and offering suggestions for communication support in the home setting, the speech-language pathologists develop individualized treatment plans that provide children with success and facilitate progress.

On The SPOT Preschool Screenings

Laughlin Children’s is excited to partner with local preschools and childcare centers to provide important speech/language, hearing, and occupational therapy screenings. Licensed Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) and Occupational Therapists (OTs) will visit preschool classrooms throughout the surrounding communities to screen children and to identify any speech/language, hearing, fine/gross motor, or sensory difficulties. Parents are advised about findings and given recommendations for follow-up care, if needed. Teachers are provided with information about early childhood development and resources to support learning for all children. Laughlin Children’s Center charges a nominal fee per child screened to provide this service at the preschool site.

What is a screening?

A developmental screening is a snapshot of a child’s current abilities. It is an opportunity to check for typical development and note any difficulties a child may have. Screenings provide information on areas that may need deeper investigation, they do not diagnose your child with a delay or disorder. If a child demonstrates difficulty with a screening, they may be recommended for a full evaluation. The evaluation is an in-depth look at a child’s development and will determine if your child may have a speech/language or developmental delay and would benefit from interventions such as outpatient therapy, home practice programs or additional testing.

Schedule On The SPOT Screenings

To schedule On The SPOT Speech/Hearing screenings at your preschool, please contact Amanda Byerly, MA, CCC-SLP, Coordinator, On The SPOT Preschool Screenings (Speech) @ [email protected].

To schedule On The SPOT Occupational Therapy screenings at your preschool, please contact Emily Weingartner, OT Dept. Director, Occupational Therapy Department @ [email protected]

Earscan3 Audiometer

The Laughlin Children’s Center thanks the Sewickley Kiwanis Club for purchasing an Earscan3 Audiometer to help our Speech Department Clinicians provide hearing screenings for students throughout the region.

For information on our Speech Department contact us at 412-741-4087 or [email protected]


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