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Thank you, Kristie!

PA Attorney General Michelle Henry recently met with a dozen McKeesport Senior High School students to discuss the impact and toll of gun violence on the student’s mental health and well-being.

Kristie Zoller, one of our psychologists at Laughlin, supported the important roundtable discussion on the impact of gun violence on children.

Thank you, Kristie, for your willingness to participate and for all of the positive impact of your work!

New Occupational Therapy Department Therapists

Dr. Emily Weingartner, OTD, OTR/L

Emily is a licensed occupational therapist with experience working with children of all ages and abilities in various settings, including preschools, early intervention, outpatient, and more. She holds a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy from Duquesne University, with a minor in Special Education.

Emily is passionate about helping children achieve their maximum potential and independence through fun and therapeutic activities! In addition, she enjoys using a collaborative approach with parents, caregivers, and other disciplines to promote goal achievement.

Catherine Colpoys, MS, OTR/L

Cat recently graduated from Duquesne University, receiving her Master’s in Occupational Therapy, minoring in Assistive Technology. Currently, she works with pediatric and geriatric populations. She is excited to expand her skills and perspective as a therapist while exploring different studies, including equine therapy, yoga, and holistic health practices. She is currently trained in reiki and pursuing a teaching degree in yoga. Outside of OT, she loves to paint, cook, and read and is a music fanatic. She loves what she does as an OT and looks forward to all the exciting experiences this field offers.

Abby celebrates her graduation from Laughlin Children’s Center Dyslexia Program

Abby is like many eleven-year-old girls. She is adventurous, curious, and affectionate. She loves camping and reading.

When Abby was eight, her parents noticed she had trouble with schoolwork. It was difficult for her to carry out a sequence of directions, and she had difficulty with reading, spelling, and completing assignments. Her teacher indicated she had hit a roadblock with her reading and decoding.

Abby celebrates her graduation from Laughlin Children’s Center Dyslexia Program with Laughlin tutor Susan Wright.

Abby’s parents, Roger and Marcia, sought out a neuropsychological evaluation to learn more about Abby’s reading difficulties. The assessment indicated that Abby has dyslexia, and the neuropsychologist recommended Laughlin Children’s Center for Orton-Gillingham intervention. Abby was paired with one of our certified Orton-Gillingham tutors, Susan Wright.

At Laughlin Children’s Center, our tutors utilize the Orton-Gillingham method of instruction for students with dyslexia. The Orton-Gillingham approach is a structured and systematic method for teaching reading and spelling, which aligns with the current body of research on reading development. Our students enjoy using multisensory techniques to practice phonics, language structure, spelling, and phonemic awareness. The approach is diagnostic and personalized and aims to build confidence and competence in reading skills.

Abby and Susan worked together for three years to improve Abby’s skills, and in May, she graduated from our program at Laughlin Children’s Center. In the fall, Abby will enter 5th grade and is more confident in her reading abilities than ever.

Abby’s parents were ecstatic about her progress utilizing the Orton-Gillingham program at Laughlin Children’s Center.

If your child, grandchild, or a child you know is having trouble in school, Laughlin Children’s Center can help with an evaluation and plan to help that child improve their academic skills and overall confidence.

Orton Gillingham Tutor

Job Title: Orton Gillingham Tutor
Department: ACADEMIC
Supervisor: Academic Department Director
Classification: Full time

Job Skills & Requirements:

This position requires a PA Department of Education instructional certification. Training in Orton-Gillingham or Structured Literacy instruction required; certfication preferred. Clearances, including criminal history, child abuse and FBI fingerprinting must be obtained and renewed as required by the PA Department of Education. Previous instructional experience is highly preferred. Willingness to engage with the community through presentations and outreach programs. Knowledge of Microsoft Office applications, including Outlook, and openness to learning the center’s medical software for purposes of scheduling and record keeping. Ability to maintain confidentiality of client information is a must.

Job Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Review students’ records upon assignment; meet with the academic department director to discuss individual students’ needs as needed.
  2. Provide individualized instruction to a minimum of eight students, with Dyslexia/ Specific Learning Disability in Reading, (16 hours) per week in-person and/or online. Typically scheduled between the hours of 3:00-7:00 pm. Morning and early afternoon appointments will be scheduled when requested.
  3. Utilize the Orton- Gillingham methodology of instruction following the Center’s curriculum sequence.
  4. Document instruction and progress regularly to compile a comprehensive progress report at the end of each term (school year and summer).
  5. Establish and maintain communication with parents, contact client families if unable to hold sessions on an assigned day.
  6. Collaborate with academic department director on community outreach programs such as presentations for local organizations, screenings, and professional development
  7. Attend in-service meetings on an as-needed basis.
  8. And all other duties, as assigned.

Compensation Package

  • Salary based on experience and professional credentials
  • Generous paid time off
  • Sick Days
  • Healthcare Benefits (cost shared by employee and employer)
  • Vision and Dental plans
  • Retirement savings
  • Long Term Disability and Life Insurance
  • Flexible Spending Plan available

Please send resume and questions to [email protected]